A Question about VO2max booster plan

How to you email a fellow cyclist ? I have a question to ask about a plan skyracer created. Not sure if i understand the comments he made.

Sorry I saw this and forgot to respond. If you still want this answered can you ask your question here and I will send the link to him and ask him to respond here on the forum. Also can you provide the link to the plan you have a question about? Other people here might also give you their two cents… such as me :slight_smile:

this is the workout

It says to do a 5 mn all out to compute your max watts. should i do that if i already measure my ftp using the ramp test ? or should i start the plan with my current ftp settings ?

I’m not the creator of this plan, but it sounds like they are wanting you to perform the 5min all out test and then use that number for the rest of the workouts (so you do things as a percentage of hypothetical Vo2 max…).
5min isn’t necessarily the exact magical number for power at vo2 max… but putting that aside, an FTP’s MAP (highest number) doesn’t always translate to your 5min max effort power either… but it would get you close (if your last minute of a ramp test is 300w, then supposedly you can hold 300w for about 5min… as I say, this isn’t always the case)… since there’s so many hypotheticals, my guess would probably be to just do the 5min test as suggested.

This is some plan created by someone else, you can read more here


The question is that trainer day controls my trainer with erg mode. So the watts are set by the app. I have not used the free ride option. maybe taht is what i need to do.

Thanks, let me dig into that. Appreciate the link

I looked at this before and I can’t remember why but there are some flaws in the conversion of the first authors idea on how this should work and converting to ERG. For example the warmups can be harder than they should be. This is a good idea though meaning basing your VO2 workouts based on a VO2 test.

Thanks alex. i understand going all out on an outdoor ride with a power meter but how can you do taht using a smart trainer? the app dictates the watts for the trainer. Even if i do free ride, i have no road resistance with my 4iii flight trainer. the wheel spins in the air with no resistance. I’ll see with the 4iii app, there may be a way.
Maybe i am not understanding on how it works though

As far as I can see the 4iii Flight has a slope mode. So if you run the Trainerday app in Freeride and adjust the resistance all the way up it should work. It is a Smart trainer and altough with a very different resistance principle, it should translate the command from the app to a resistance on your wheel.
On my trainer the FreeRide resistance is non existing untill I dial up to about 60%. From there to 100%, I do feel the resistance increase gradually…

Thanks, i just read the manual for the 4iii app and it has a simul mode that let you ride like outdoor when you only use your gears. I am going to try that. Appreciate the feedback

Actually I learned that slope mode (sim mode) is not the same as resistance mode like we did in our app and more trainers support slope mode then resistance mode. Had I known that in the beginning I would have done slope mode and I plan on switching from resistance mode to slope mode so it may not be possible with his trainer. He would probably need to do ERG mode and use the ± to dial in the right level. Meaning create a workout close to what he thinks is 5-min max and adjust as he goes. Or use some other training app like Zwift or anything that supports slope mode for the test.

this is from the manual:
There are three modes for smart trainer workouts.
ERG mode keeps you accountable to your interval workout, ensuring you hit your power
targets by increasing resistance if you slow down, or easing up if you pedal faster.
Always use your bike’s fastest gear (large front chainring).
SIM mode simulates an outdoor ride: tougher on the climbs than the downhills.
Use your gears like you would outdoors.
Resistance ( non-smart mode )
Fliiiight also has a non-smart mode, Resistance Mode. Use the 4iiii app to set the
resistance level, then use your gears to adjust the difficulty.

so if i want to to a 5 mn all out test, should i use the resistance or simul ? for that i will use the 4iiii app. it will show my power so i can record and use for the trainer day workout.

Resistance mode should be free ride in our app but if not yes either resistance or slope should be fine. Generally it will be around 150% of FTP but each person is different as this is Anerobic power not purely aerobic.