Ability to change workout variations

Let’s say I’m not a fan of Kerfuffle zone 2 workout variation and I’d like to change to another one (Goombah, Lollygag, Fard, etc.). Would be cool to have the ability to do so specifically for each workout (when creating or editing the plan in Coach Jack).

Interesting. I like this idea. Can you describe more of what you would like? Are you specifically saying to just say you don’t want that specific pattern ever and to substitute it with another pattern?

I was thinking about using a right click menu (as in calendar) with added options:

  • Change workout variation > [list of other variations]
  • See less of this variation
  • Blacklisting this variation

And having this possibility in both calendar and Coach Jack plan editor would be great as well.

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Super cool. Great thinking. You seem like a natural at designing interfaces like this.

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Hi guys

I can think of a couple of variations to this as well. Say you want to swap out a workout for a ramp test.

Also you know days where you just can’t be bothered doing a ride, it works be useful to have the ability to swap out to an easier ride

You can do this by just adding a list of different workouts to your favorites and just doing that, assuming you are using our app. If not and you use our calendar you can use our web app to change your calendar. It sounds like you are talking about dynamic training and we are working on that.

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