App: add HR%

I’m a new user (from Italy :-)). Really nice app. Maybe someone already asked about. Do you think it’s possible to add HR% value (that’s it: % of maximum heart rate)? I think it could be useful,

Hi you sent this as private message so I made it public (I hope you don’t mind). One of my partners is famous Italian Coach Andrea Morelli so we like Italy/Italians. Really we like everyone and all countries but there is s a special place for Italy here. We mostly have Europeans using our TrainerDay.

We are working on an HR mode but we will be showing % of HR Threshold rather then % of max to keep it more similar to power based training. Also that will only be a special mode not normal workouts. Since our mobile UI has limited room we are adding more fields to our broadcast field so we also could consider adding it there. (seeing on PC/Tablet/Mac).

But let’s see if more people agree with your request and we will consider it and if I see an opportunity I will add it as I agree it is useful.

Great, thank you Alex