BUG: Erg mode workout from Training Peaks sometimes got stuck on the wrong wattage

I was doing a workout uploaded from Training Peaks (my workout of the day). It had multiple different intervals. In one of them where it has 9 repeats of a “high” and low interval, it didn’t properly switch twice. So the high interval carried into the low one and the trainer kept me at the higher wattage (despite the target listing the right wattage). And the second time it was wrong was the opposite.

It didn’t do it every time.

Which trainer do you have? I guess it is a tacx but which model?

Tacx Neo (the first one)

Oh yes, I used to have one of those… Let me talk to my developer. Can you send me a link to your completed activity from our website?

Seems like each and everyday there are bugs. I am still working with the developer to solve the Tacx issues and each day there is new release and nothing works as of yet. I hope that by fixing one issue, another is not created.

I sent you a message with the link. looking at it, you can see it happened 3 times during the workout.

Thanks for helping!

So to confirm here publicly, we have ideas on how to fix this. Let us try to fix it and if that does not solve it soon then we will see if you are available to help us test/fix. If you press + - while you are on stuck interval it should fix it.

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Alex, I’m definitely willing to work with you to fix it and test the fix.

I’m assuming the +/- is a workaround and not the actual fix though? I can try it if it happens again

Yes work around. Cool I might ping you soon.

Just to throw my 2cents here. When doing High power interval u are better off not using erg. Just resistance. Erg is great for the steady state workout so that u can focus on watching your movie or something else but when doing intervals it is recommended to turn it off.

I could not agree more!!! Good suggestion :slight_smile: In his case it was not high intensity (less than FTP)… but always good to suggest this.

Here is a good test workout because it has lots of intervals but low intensity so it’s just easy to hop in and try any time.

Alex, did you have a new version of the app you wanted me to test? I’m going to do another workout tomorrow (Tuesday), but will also do one Thursday if that works better.

Not in production version yet, we are still struggling with a tacx flux issue we are hoping to resolve. I can invite you to the beta version of our app and then you could test and see if our recent changes help you. Let me know and I will invite you to beta. Just send me your apple email via pm and I can do that.

Thanks. I’m on Android though. Is there a beta there as well?

Oh yes, you can join the beta group without me doing anything. Just google how to, it’s on the play store TrainerDay page but you might have to enable something first. I just asked my developer to make sure it is deployed there so if not today tomorrow.

I joined the beta and it says I’m in but there’s no new version. Did your developer upload a beta?

There is a new one today but there was also a new one a few days ago… You can go in our app to other settings and at the bottom to see your version number

Did you ever do my test workout to see if you could easily reproduce the issue? If it is easy to reproduce you can work with my developer to fix it (usually quickly for issues that we can reproduce on Android… iOS is not so good for this…)

Thanks. I did do the test workout but it didn’t reproduce the issue. The problem is, it doesn’t happen on 100% of intervals so I think I need to keep doing your test workout a few times before it’ll reproduce.

No, that’s fine, I just wanted to see if it was easy to reproduce. The problem is my developer needs to test in real-time what is going on but it’s painful for you and him if that spans over days or longer to reproduce it. There is nothing special about that workout, it just has a lot of intervals in a short period of time so I thought it might trigger it more easily. We could always hope the current beta has resolved the issue.