Bug? Removing other authors' workouts from my library

Is there a way to other authors’ workouts from my library? There is no option to delete if I am not the author, and if I remove a workout from a specific list, it just goes to the “My Creations - Unlisted” category.

That sounds like a bug. Removing from all lists should remove it from your library. I will test this.

Oh, it is a bug but it just goes to “My Creations” temporarily. If you refresh the page it will be gone.

Got it, thanks. Great app and platform by the way. The real value to me is the ability to easily build and modify workouts via the spreadsheet interface and (now) being able to perform them through the app. Every other alternative makes this cumbersomely prohibitive. I think I will be cancelling TR!

Very happy you like TrainerDay yes we have a different focus than TR obviously. If you are creating your own workouts and plans I believe our platform is better (at least in some ways) and obviously cheaper.