Change zones with +/- buttons

This is a very special request and maybe I’m the only one who needs this :wink:

It would be great, if I could setup 7 zones in the app like zone 3 = 83% of FTP, zone 4 = 98% of FTP and so on. And after I set up the zones I could use the + and - buttons to change zones.
You could let the user switch between these modes with a tap on the percentage value. Normal mode shows percentage and zone-mode shows the current zone. That way, I could change zones very easily and make fine adjustments if needed, when I switch to normal mode.

The idea behind this feature request is to use the app for Peloton Power Zone live classes with a smart trainer. On demand classes are no problem, because you can download ZWO-files for them. But in a live class, the instructor calls out zones and you have to go to that zone.

That’s interesting. I actually signed up for the emails from that peloton power group. Interesting you are using it, it’s a big Facebook group. I did not actually try it but plan to at some point. So specifying your own zones has been asked a few times. Allowing zone change clicks this is a first but I think others might find that useful as well. I don’t want to do either of these tasks right now but I will keep them in mind as they might be able to be combined with other requests. Not sure if you pay much attention to that group. I wonder how many smart trainer cyclists are using it. I guess probably a lot of spin bike users (non-peloton bike users are). With these feature it might appeal to a larger audience there. :slight_smile: But still not our focus but might increase my desire :slight_smile:

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Thank you for considering it :slight_smile: It’s a “nice to have” feature in case you’re running out of new feature ideas :wink:

I deleted my facebook account a while ago, so I don’t follow that group. I know that some users are starting with a smart trainer and eventually buy the bike. In my case, a spinning bike won’t fit in my basement due to the ceiling height. With the smart trainer, I can stand and then I have 1 cm to the ceiling. All spinning bikes (at least the better ones) are 2 - 3 cm higher and I couldn’t stand while pedaling without bumping my head in the ceiling.

But in general I can use the TD app for the Peloton spinning classes (using the +/+ buttons with 5% steps) and for the power zone classes I download the zwo files from Power Zone Library & Timing Tool for Peloton | Home Fitness Buddy and import them in TD. I have to start pedaling about 3 seconds before the workout starts but then the workout matches the cues of the instructor.

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Oh cool. I had not seen that. I was thinking about adding a library like this to TD. I was thinking you meant the power zone pack ( not the pure power zone workouts in Peloton. Adding customized zones and potentially showing them in the app is probably very generic and benefits many people but + - for a zone is more unique but also is a creative style of riding even without using peloton. Generally changing by zone gives people another way to do workouts by which I think is good for some training days.