Coach Jack - Higher TSS plans/workouts

So I just want to say. I am working with some coaches now on creating some more TR like sweet spot workout sequences although they will still have Jack’s rules so putting a higher emphasis on recovery and not doing too much like 4 or 5 hays a week of sweet spot…

Just mentioned it is coming soon for those who want them.

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Ok we have just done an update to give people more intensity if they want. Instead of this slider being limited to 4 we have allowed it to go to 10. Now I bet you will want to turn it up to 11 :slight_smile:

We have also done some small changes to our secondary work to increase the TSS in the later weeks so when you do turn up the level you will see more TSS through out.


We are trying to push the knowledge that you don’t need such high TSS to see gains but we also want to listen to you the customer and give you what you want. So if people start on level 1 the plan will remain similar to what it was.


This coach Jack feature is very cool I must say! Great job TD dev team :blush::+1:t2::bike:


Thank you, thank you Simon… This is just the beta first version… Wait to see what comes next :slight_smile:

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Ok this is done. You can see how it works here. Coach Jack - Design your own plans