Coach Jack Plans - When to do ramp tests?

Hi guys

I am an unfit 40 year male. I don’t ride outside. I’m riding to improve my fitness. I selected the fitness cyclist program but I selected a 16 week program. The program is going well but I am beginning to think selected 16 weeks was a mistake as there are no ramp tests built into the plan.

I’ve got a couple of questions that am hoping people can answer for me

1 is it better to stick with a shorter period, perhaps 8 weeks and do regular ramp tests to see progress?

  1. Is it better to change block types regularly rather than just doing the fitness cyclist. I am wondering if you get better results if you mix it up. For instance do a really hard block for 8 weeks and then a easy 4 week block


Most important when starting is just having fun and not doing too much too soon. Full 16 is fine, you can just throw in a ramp test when you feel like (say every 4-8 weeks is fine) and if you update your FTP in the middle it will adjust all the workouts.