Coach Jack Questions

Hi all! Firstly this is incredible, I am super grateful for the hard work you have put into this! I have a question about Coach Jack…

I’m training for my first ever Triathlon and was looking to follow a plan from the 80/20 Triathlon book. I was wondering if Coach Jack offered something similar? Does it adapt to my progress etc?


Thanks so much!!! We have not looked at the 80/20 triathlon book but assuming that means 80% easy (Zone 1 in 3 zone model) then CJ plans have a lot of easy, usually around that 80-90% range overall starting out more like 90% and moving to more like 80%. But as I said we have not reviewed the plans in that book. Coach Jack is not adaptive yet but that is something we are working on but it’s going slower than we would like… We really believe something will come out in 2023.

Good luck with your Triathlon.

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Amazing stuff thank you! I found a video shortly after I posted which was very helpful. Between TrainerDay and I think I have the perfect combination

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