"Current workout" in library app

I try to explain :grinning:
For example… i do Day1 workout and in the library Day2 is marked as “current”.
Then i skip 2 workout , i do Day4 workout, but in the app the “current” workout is always Day2.
It’s possible to mark a selected workout as current? Or it’s possible to have always the following workout of the performed one marked as “current”?

Strange. It should skip to 4 if you completed 3. Yes we also will allow you to mark 2 as skipped or completed. I will test this. Maybe there is a bug.

Ok thanks :grinning:

I just tested this and I skipped a workout and completed one ahead and it worked correctly and went to the next one. You can look in other settings at the bottom and make sure you have 2.4.8 version of our app (2.5.0 tomorrow). This not skipping issue was fixed recently.

Also you need to make sure this checkbox is checked.

Now it’s all ok :wink:

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After the last changes i don’t see anymore the checkbox.
It’s possible to restore it?

Oh no!!! Let us test this. I have not seen any problem. I assume you mean the check box on save dialog? It has been working fine for me.

Yes, i mean the checkbox on the save dialog.
Now i’ve updated the app . The next workout i’ll see if i find it (until the last one it was all ok)

Ok yes we made an improvement in the app in the last version so hopefully this fixes your issue. Let me know.

Now it’s ok :wink:

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