Did anyone notice cost discrepancy to subscribe on Android ($5.49) vs Apple ($4.99)?

I imagine it might have to do with different commissions charged by each platform, I thought that it was $4.99 for all in USD?

Never mind, I found the direct link on the website, for $3.99

Isn’t billing done on the account rather than the device, I go to the Trainerday web site, and Bells and Whistles is 3.99, and this allows me to use it on my Android and iOs devices for 3.99

You can do both but via the website avoids commission fees. Best for both parties but users who find the app through the app stores can subscribe within the app store.

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Yes as MedTechCD stated, just cancel your device subscription and subscribe on the site and yes you can use multiple devices with one subscription. Since Apple/Android are not really connected to our subscription it’s best to do it right at the end of the app subscription but if you send me an email I can also credit you the difference if you pay twice.

I think I lowered the price on Apple because they switched to 15% fee and now google did too so I should lower the price there also. On our site is cheaper as you found :slight_smile:

Yeah, I ended up subscribing directly on the site from the start, no need for me to cancel a subscription on either Apple or Android stores and resuming it directly.

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