ERG malfunction for JetBlack Trainers

So, I and my partner have been using Trainerroad for years. The last 6 months I’ve transitioned to Trainerday and dropped Trainerroad. For me, with an Android phone and Jetblack Volt, everything is running great. Only occasionally does my ERG control drop while power from the trainer is still transmitted, but this has never happened in the middle of a workout without touching anything. A restart of the all fixes it - toggling ERG doesn’t.

My partner on the other hand, also Android phone and Jetblack Volt, has had nothing but problems. Even after changing to another Android phone the problem persisted. In the middle of workouts, without touching anything, ERG control drops every 5-60 minutes, mostly every 5-10 minutes. With an iphone however, ERG control is stable. She’s cycling right next time and suddenly ERG drops, over and over again, being fixable only with a frustrating app restart.

I like the app and the trainer is great, but something with this combination and Android makes my partner’s ERG drop. My attempt to make her become a paying customer is failing…

It’s tedious to troubleshoot in the middle of workouts. Are there any troubleshooting logs I could extract instead of trying every possible combination?

And yes, everything is updated.

Hi Hugo, sorry to hear about this (happy you are with us). I have heard of other people having this too, rarely but it has happened, it seems most commonly with Elite trainers. Can you tell me what trainers you guys have? Also can you send me a private message here and give me your partners email address and we can look at the logs and see if we see the issue.

If we can’t find a solution above, in your partners case if you wanted to borrow her Android phone and trainer and work with my developer we could likely find the problem and resolve it quickly since it is so repeatable.

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Thanks for the quick response - I’m sending you a private a message!

(The trainers in question are Jetblack Volt EMS: VOLT™ EMS Cycle Trainer | Bike Trainers | JetBlack Cycling)

I can’t find the PM button (account too new?).

And the trainers are listed above. Let me know if you need serial numbers or any other details.

Oh I was confused on JetBlack, I read it wrong and thought that was some type of phone :slight_smile: Myabe I was talking to you, or someone else that has Jetblack and forgot… I need to slow down in my reading. Yes this must be a problem related to your Jetblack’s but platforms like TR have more mature code and have fixed issues relating to specific trainers. We have done this too for many trainers but not yet yours.

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Got it, I removed your emails here. I have them now.

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