ERG mode not following workout (problem with specific workout)

I am new to TD and still figuring out the program.
2 times I have used Nice Mix 60 Workout and both times the ERG Watts did not follow the workout at the end. Attached are the 2 screenshots of my workouts. I remember the first time I used this workout on Jan 12, I may have combined a previous workout with this, hence the longer workout. . I did not do this on the Jan 26 and still had the ERG Watts deviate from the Workout. What is the solution?

Does it only happen with this specific workout?

Yes that is the only one that has had this issue so far

Could be an issue with the workout file. Misrepresentation of the graphic with the actual workout file.

There are 2 workouts of this name.

I presume you’re using the one by “NickPla” which has an error in the file format. ( highligted)

most likely the app has an issue in decoding that because there is 4 lines that says to start at 45mins. 1 says to do 70-105w and the other to do 105-65%.

The other file/author looks to be OK.

I need to check whether my app will correctly flag this error as well.

Wow. Nice work.

You are correct, I was using the one by “NickPla”. I will try the other. Thanks for the help.

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