ERG mode vs Directo XR

I just switched to Trainerday and did my first workout with the APP. The resistance on the trainer doesn’t work either in Slope or ERG mode. It pretty much always stay the same.

In ERG mode trainer will not adjust the resistance and the app shows the wrong power output.
In slope mode, even adjusting the slope does not increase or decrease the resistance

I’m hoping that I’m doing something incorrectly…
As a side note, I did a trainerday workout directly from a garmin device (fenix 7) and it worked properly.

I’m using the IOS App, an active subscription, directo HR and a garmin HR strap both connected through bluetooth.

Your Garmin could be holding control so our app does not control it.

TrainerDay does not work properly with Directo XR. I reported problems half a year ago. Directo XR on MyEtraing Elite works perfectly. So the problem remains with the TrainerDay app.

Yes, Elite devices seem more finicky than most as we know it works for other Elite users and works fine with the one we own. If you are willing to work with my developer it would be great. Maybe it will help some other XR users as well but I have not heard any saying anything, we might not have any. Sometimes specific units work a bit differently than others.