Feedback on individual workouts

The popularity filter is great but I would love to be able to rate the workouts created by others and comment on how effective they were for me.

Might encourage the creators of the really good ones to contribute more and tweak new versions according to user feedback.

Yes, yes!!! :slight_smile: the only problem is regarding workouts that have intervals > 100% they might be great for you and terrible for someone else that has a different W Prime. But just seeing user feedback would be very nice. I used to have comments on the original version I created a few years ago but no one was leaving them but now this is a much more serious product and way more users using them. I also would like to add something like “trending workouts” meaning our most popular just keep getting more and more popular because they are at the top. Need to give other workouts a chance. Also editors choice workouts or something would be nice too. Something more than lifetime popularity only, I fully agree.

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I liked that blog or post you did Alex, where you showcased a creator who had posted some quite elaborate and interesting workouts. I saved a couple of those into my folders to try later.

I am not sure which one that is but if it is the one with the sine wave looking workouts don’t use them :slight_smile: they might crash the app as they are like 4,000 intervals long… But I think I posted another one with just interesting workouts, that one is cool.

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I think it was the ones by ignaciofope. I saved quite a few of those to try later.

Oh yes he did some nice work designing those.