HR Mode vs Erg Mode

Hi, I’ve looked around here and on the blogs for an answer to this and can’t find one. In any case, I tried HR mode out of curiosity yesterday and can’t understand what it does. I assumed it would revert to Level Mode, but it doesn’t seem to. At least, I didn’t see any level options, and though my Wahoo defaults to Level 2 when not connected to an app, TD seemed to make it level “0” which was essentially freewheeling.

Further, I noted that when I selected HR Mode, Erg mode remained selected, so when I unselected Erg, it went to this freewheel resistance I mentioned. So what would HR Mode PLUS Erg mode be doing?

Sorry if this is an absurd question.

No this is an excelent question. HR mode was desided for people with dumb trainers and no power meter so they could see an approximately similar workout, or could design workouts with specific HR targets and follow them and see more of an HR centric view. I assumed smart trainer users could use it the same way or at least just pay more attention to HR this way. What we plan on doing is enancing it for smart trainers so that when you are in HR mode and it has a target HR, then it adjusts your power automatically to keep you at that HR zone but we have not gotten that done yet.

So yes for now what would make sense to me for most smart trainer users is to use HR and switch off ERG and control it yourself.

Does that help? Do you have other thoughts/ideas?

Thanks for the helpful reply, it totally explains what’s going on.

On thoughts: totally love the idea that we could specify HR and then have the trainer adjust resistance accordingly. This would be especially helpful on longer Zone 2 sessions when HR drifts up relative to power and I need to stay in Z2 HR.

One further question: Is there a level mode? This would be for non erg driven workouts, like all out tabata intervals, or FTP tests, etc.

You can use resistance mode for non-erg mode workouts by unchecking the erg box but we are working on a slope/sim/level mode option very soon which will be an option in settings that will allow you to choose if our app uses resistance or slope more.

HR mode was used by the older TACX app, and it was a very useful option. It would be nice if the HR mode functioned in this way also in Trainerday.

Yeah I am really a fan of HR based training, but still a bit affraid of this task. Needs a lot of testing to figure out how to try to bring peoples HR’s down. I think we will tackle this after the winter season, just not to introduce any rabitt holes or crazy bugs during this winter.

Of course. Controlling the trainer by heart rate makes a lot of sense and application. For example, recovery workouts or workouts with keeping the heart rate in the zone below the aerobic threshold. IMHO is a little less useful training by heart rate in higher zones, where power-based training has an overwhelming advantage.
While maintaining the set level should not be difficult, it takes some time to gradually reach the set heart rate, especially since the heart rate as a response to the load will always be delayed (approx. 20 - 30 seconds).
You might think of a combination of power and heart rate based training that is very useful for polarized training. If only the real-time application could calculate DFA Alpha1 / Alpha2 value in order to estimate aerobic and anerobic thresholds like Fatmaxxer … Or load its calculations;)