I like auto-pause (but we are going to change it)

Out of topic, but I like how the app auto pauses/resumes when I stop pedaling (most of the time because one of my cats is behind the window and wants to come in :-D), and how it auto changes the view in that case :+1:

Cool, yes we are planning on changing that meaning either you are only in auto-pause mode or only in manual start mode. So in your cause it sounds like you would just leave the setting to always be in auto-pause /auto-start. Most people would stay this way. It causes some people problems because we allow both right now and you are not sure if you are in auto pause mode or in manual pause/start mode… And if it is in the background it can be a real problem if you accidentally pressed start instead of auto-start.

I moved this to a new topic since I want to talk about this anyway and make sure people don’t have cases where they need both manual and auto-pause at the same time.

And yes I agree it is very important to let your cat in to have time on the trainer as well :slight_smile: