I'd like to request a summary photo to go on Strava after each activity

Something like the image shown in the TrainerDay app but in a 4:3 ratio :slight_smile:


Hi, it’s actually not possible meaning. Strava does not allow this except for from large companies.

Oh, how frustrating for you - but no worries! Maybe instead in the app, where there’s the option to share the workout, you could add the option to download a photo to your phone’s gallery? Then we could add that to strava manually :slight_smile:

That sounds like a good idea. Let’s see how many people vote for this. Generally we researched a lot I tried to contact the product manager at Strava directly via linkedin about this :slight_smile: I also feel it’s very nice to see this image in Strava.

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Thanks Alex! :slight_smile: I guess another bonus of downloading a photo (rather than it going straight to Strava) would be that the photos could also then be shared on twitter / instagram or whatever, which could be some nice free advertising too :slight_smile:

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