Improve the experience for users with dumb trainers trying to follow an ERG workout

I had a user David, with some problems with ERG mode on his device so I suggested he try TrainerRoad, he still had the same problem. He did notice some nice features from TR regarding comparing when you are on target vs off target. Also if I understood him correctly their power smoothing in the Actual (not just the chart) helped him follow it. So there are potentially a few improvements we can do to improve this experience.

Just trying to see if anyone else has thoughts on this. I will need to try TR to see how they do it. :slight_smile: And hopefully do it even better or differently and as good… Even though David has an top-end ERG based spin bike I want to make the best experience for the dumb trainer or spin bike world with power meters (schwinn for example or pm pedals). I feel some how connected to this group :slight_smile: I do ride my spin bike a lot maybe that is why.

Thanks David. Power smoothing make it so the actual power number does not jump around so much and stays more of a 3-second or “smooth” average. This makes it so you can clearly see you are generally at say 150w vs your 140w target. Which helps a bit but yes I understand generally what you mean by color now indicating how close you are to being on track. We could turn this feature on for non-ERG mode. I like the idea. Need to just look at TR and have my designer try a few ideas on how it might look.

I’m not really sure what’s different between this and TR.

The setting for 3s smoothing on/off might be something, but I don’t notice much of a difference from the times I’ve used TR and now using TD. Both the chart and difference between actual power and targeted power seem to be straightforward except in TR it shows the numbers right next to each other, while in TD they are slightly apart. Maybe the little bar and “dot” to show whether you’re on target or not? "


Yes Jeremy, I believe David was talking about this green bar / red bar only. I thought he was talking about the actual numbers also.