IOS ipad/iphone can't sync workouts (resolved)

Hi, I have a friend who trains with ios. He signed up with iphone but then downloaded apps with ipad and teamed up with that.
In the end, the training finds him in the history only of the ipad, while on iphone or pc, strava etc he does not see it.

It works correctly for everyone else. I would need his email or user name to see what happened. Tell him to restart the app on his phone.

Hi Alex,

Andrea Perin


Everything looks perfect on our side. Meaning he connected to Strava. I see the ID from Strava which makes it appear as it should be in Strava and I don’t see any reason it should not sync to other devices. One thing I see is this is the name of the workout Day 2 - Lezione N° 2 It’s possible that special character after N is causing a problem. I will have my developer research it.

The lesson 2 that I did to test works but today he did the lesson 1.La lesson 1 is present in the tablet (ipad) but not in the iphone, not in the PC (WEB) and much less synchronized with strava etc …

in lesson 2, in strava, he gave him that he was near a lake but he was at home 500km away

We only have 1 workout in the DB for him so for some reason that other workout did not save correctly. He would need to download it from the app and load to Strava. Maybe he can send me the TCX from the app.

That is because he has random maps turned on in the strava settings.

how do i send you the file?

Email to I also just made it so you can add TCX files here if you want.