Left right balance intervals.icu

Hi team, just started using your app and love the simplicity of TrainerDay and trainer jack. Also from following the forums I found intervals.icu which is also fantastic.

I have completed two workouts and am wondering if left-right balance data is recorded or could be recorded in any way to have visible in intervals.icu?

Thanks team.

You would need to record on a device that uses FIT file formats. TrainerDay records to tcx and tcx format has no support for L/R balance.
BLE support for L/R works but is less reliable then ANT+
If you really want/need it, use your outdoor recording device simultanuously.
And, just so you know, if you use Strava, you want have it either because Strava strips out the L/R stream.


Thanks for the quick reply! No worries, that’ll be simple enough to do.