Localization is coming soon. Spanish, Polish and Russian at the minimum

We have Russian users but the main reason for this is because my developers could do it as a test :slight_smile:

We should do Italian too. Someone volunteered. I will send him an email now.

Don’t know if there is enough intrest but I could do Dutch.

We have a lot of Germans using our site and app but what I see is many Italians and Spanish contacting me in their native language but never any other countries. Seems like the indoor cycling world in other countries speak English reasonably well or great. But I am open to anything.

I can translate in Spanish if need help!

Hi Javi, sweet!!! Actually I have a user @samoramobile working on Spanish right now but he is from Portugal and suggested a native Spanish speaker should review it and improve it :slight_smile: so your help would be very appreciated (especially for the ther Spanish speakers :))

He should be done soon and I can send it to you to review. Do you want to email me at support at trainerday.com?

By the end of this week I have just translated into Portuguese and Spanish. but it would be very good if someone native of Spanish would do a revision, to be perfect

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