Map Activities to Plan

This may be a niche request, but it might be nice to be able to map an activity to a specific workout on a plan. If I’m on a plan and I do one of the workouts, but maybe I had to cut it short due to time or fatigue (let’s say time), that would impact the rest of that week’s total target stress score. If we could map the actual activity to the planned workout, we could see the deficit (or excess) that we’d need to make up for during the rest of the week and adjust remaining workouts as needed.

Right now I’m tracking this in a spreadsheet that has the goal and actual TSS for each week. When I fail to complete a workout (due to time, remember), using this spreadsheet I can then modify the rest of the workouts for that week to help keep me on target. It might be as simple as adding a field for the weekly goal TSS in the plan definition. Then in the week’s line that shows total time and stress you can add something like remaining stress differential. That way when you modify a future workout it will offset any weekly total stress from accomplished activities.

That is something that falls into the “Analyses” category. You may be better of to follow up on analysis with
TrainerDay and are getting more and more integrated, both keeping their focus on what they’re best at.

OK thanks. I guess that makes sense, but this might be in that gray area in the middle. It still seems like it’s integral to planning and adjusting your training, but I can also see how it fits into analysis.

Yeah I agree with Claude on this one. Meaning if you really want to follow TSS targets then intervals or TP make more sense. Or your excel solution sounds reasonable.

Now that said we are working on a big set of features for next year that will help manage planning and training load automatically. It’s less for the do it yourself guys and more like a system that does it all for you.

You could say our upcoming solution is kind of like TRs adaptive training but on also I can say, totally different :slight_smile: Nothing like Xert either. This will be considered a different product than core TD product we have today. I want TD to be the bare minimum to keep the price are the bare minimum :slight_smile: