New Android version out today. 1.8.21 Sorry all your settings were reset

You will have to re-enter them but after that all should be good. Sorry about that. iOS should be out tomorrow or the next day but we will fix this settings reset problem first.

It has many performance improvments and small things. With this finally out we can move on to features again.

I could update to 1.8.21 on iOS in Testflight and my settings was not reset.

Ok cool. My developer found the issue but it is definily not consistently happening. Hopefully it does not happe to many people.

I just updated. I am well in 1.8.21, I have to reset the training settings.

What is changing in terms of cadence?

There was just a bug on Tacx Neo and a few other random trainers that it would show zeros for cadence. But cadence targets are coming soon. Sorry about the reset settings. This is fixed now and new build should be out today or tomorrow. 1.8.24