NEW: Forums, launched Nov 2020 - Getting Started

Welcome!!! Anyone can post on these forums as long as it is valuable to other cyclists and not unrelated spam. You must join this site seperately than so please register and help contribute.

In this topic, let’s discuss how to get started with TrainerDay as well as all the important details of getting started with indoor cycling as well as potentially outdoor performance cycling.


This looks great. Much better than facebook (if users can help it).

I’ve been a big fan of TrainerDay in my time using it so far. Affordable, reliable, and the suggestions and feature releases are fantastic. I use it both as an athlete and as a coach. It’s helpful to push workouts to TrainingPeaks and see them directly in there and saves a lot of creation time by building them in here, then pushing them out to other platforms when needed (build 1 time in TrainerDay, and can use it in TrainerDay app, GarminConnect, TrainingPeaks, Zwift, etc, etc).

I do most my training outside when the weather allows it (hard from Nov - March where I’m from) so I build workouts in TrainerDay and send them to my devices. Still learning new things every day with TrainerDay, and am looking forward to seeing how things continue to move forward!


Hi Guys,
it is a good news! We need a open platform for exchange our experience and for teach myself.
So, Alex thanks a lot!

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