New version 2.1.6 out today available to all

  • Trainer Day Ramp Test V 1.0 (it’s kind of beta)
    Works with any Workout that says “Ramp Test” in the title) but we included ours at the top of favorites. It just takes 75% of the last minute which is pretty standard. It switches to cool down and tells you FTP when you stop pedalling.
  • Fixed timing problems
  • Settings slider for adjustable chart power smoothing
  • Fixed Zoom levels showing wrong completed “shadow” (Android)
  • Improved Tablet Fonts
  • Added User name and build number
  • Added haptic click vibrations for more clarity when you perform a click
    • I want to change this so it only works on the training (quick start) tab. Right now it is on press down which is slightly odd but when you do it on release (I can’t feel it when on bike mount). It might bother people, if so I can add it as a setting to turn it off.
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