Phase creation with coach Jack

Hi, I have tried various training plan generator platforms such as Zwift, Trainerroad, Sufferfest, Tacx, etc. But today I became a member of TrainerDay because I see that it is a very good product, with a lot of potential, friendly and with a scientific approach. I am very excited and next Monday I will start to test it with the BASE phase.

I created a base plan with Serious Italian for 12 weeks, which fits perfectly with my Schedule and my capabilities. I have a question and it is the following:

Suppose I carry out all 12 weeks of the Serious Italian Base plan,

  1. ¿how do I create the Buil phase afterwards?
  2. ¿Is it possible to create the entire season with all its phases?
  3. ¿How does Coach Jack know that the phase I need and the one I am creating is Base, or Build or Peak or race?

Congratulations on this idea and good product. Greetings from Colombia.

Hello, Andres from Columbia. I am happy to see South American’s here it is great!!! :slight_smile:

We are working on adding multiple blocks (phases) now. The Italian is not what I or most people would consider a base phase although it starts mild enough that many people might feel the first 4-weeks are easy.

It’s a complicated question to answer because most indoor riders want higher intensity indoors but from a periodization stand point that is not the best. I would say you could do the first 8-weeks of Italian if you want followed by 4 weeks of true base using Base or Base+ (get a little rest) and then do a 12-16 week build block also with the Italian but start at intensity level 6 and set your ramp rate to 5 or 6 ideally. Then follow with a peak block of 4-8 weeks. We are going to add peak blocks soon that match individual goals.

Right now Jack does not know the current phase you need, but if he recommened a base plan to you that is because you are either injured or not riding much lately and it would be better to start with base or base+ then start the Italian. It’s much better to think long term than short term but it is also hard in modern society where we want results fast.

Again thank you for the compliments and glad to have you.

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I’m fully understand. I look forward to the other individual build, peak and race blocks soon. Thanks for the answer. :hugs:

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