Please Add Calories to TCX files

As Apple Watch user, I’m interested in completing my daily activity rings. For that, I’m using RunGap on the iPhone to sync TrainerDay activities between Strava and Apple Health.

I thought that I can now use the exported file on Dropbox, but there is no calorie-information in the exported file and Apple Health doesn’t calculate the calories itself. It seems, that I still have to use Strava to calculate the calories or would it be possible to include calories in the TCX file?

It’s interesting, I have never paid much attention to calories (maybe I need to :slight_smile: )… but I realize the European endurance world actually has more of a calorie basis on training even. Calories instead of TSS let’s say… I moved this to a new feature request. Seems pretty easy and reasonable although I don’t know how to calculate calories yet…

It’s just, that you have a daily calorie goal on Apple Watch :wink:

And for calculation: How to Convert Watts to Calories Burned While Cycling — Gear & Grit

Strava will always give you some bonus calories :smiley: Today’s activity would be 730 kcal with the formula of the web-page, TP gives me 734 kcal (pretty close) and Strava calculates 818 kcal.

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Oh yes, I forgot that it calories and watts are a 100% mathematical relationship that makes it really easy assuming TCX files support calories but quick google search shows it seems to.