Power Match Problem

Hi I’m having a problem with the ERG mode in the latest version, which doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone else experiencing this?

No it’s working good for about 40 people I have talked to. What trainer and what phone/tablet and android version do you have?

I looked through your history and see you said you have Android and Kickr Core. My developer has a Kickr core and it works fine for him. I have a Wahoo and it works fine. Maybe try reinstalling completely then for sure you will have latest version.

Ok thanks Alex, will do

I just tried Wahoo and Android and it works perfect for me.

See my test. Because it is a 5 minute workout and 3-second averaging it looks slightly off :slight_smile: Wahoo also does not have second accurate power changes.

I’m still having an issue, Alex. Actually, I don’t know whether the issue is with Power Match or ERG, because I’ve noticed that even though Power Match calibrates at the start of a workout, the figure outside the brackets is stuck at a constant -20w, even across different workouts. The figure inside the brackets fluctuates at the beginning of an interval and then also locks on a fixed figure for the rest of the interval, and so on it goes… :confused:

Can you send screenshots? Maybe turn off power match for now or disconnect your power meter? Also make sure and upgrade firmware on Wahoo if it is not. What phone or device are you using?

Thanks Alex, will do so tomorrow (it’s very late in Cape Town now). I’m using a Nokia 2.1. It’s been ok until now, although I’m considering trying another phone, just to be certain that the problem isn’t with the phone

I also have a deviation in the wattage in ERG mode with the new version, both on my Ipad (8) and the Google Pixel 5 the wattage deviates by approx. 20 watts plus. If, for example, 200 watts are specified, I have to pedal 220 watts.
I have a Kickr (4) and a Giant Pro Powermeter (2020).

Hello Elmar, ok sorry, it sounds like their is a power match problem. We will research this. My developer is off until Tuesay so we will get this fixed by next week. I will test it in more detail today/tomorrow as I have Kirkr and a power meter. I think the kickr is accurate enough that you don’t need to use power match for now, or maybe at all or are you seeing a big difference? Maybe you just want your indoor watts the same as outdoor watts.

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Hi Alex, I installed the latest update today (ver 2.0.5) and the issue persists. Here’s the screenshot, from which you’ll see the -20w in the Power Match window

Hello Alex,
thanks for the info!
Strangely enough, the deviation went down today.The power output was approx. 5% or 10 watts below the target wattage, whereas yesterday the power output was 20 watts above the target.
Under “Power Match” I constantly see “-20”, both yesterday and today. There has never been such a large deviation in the past and it was never constant but fluctuated when the wattage target changed.

Lookings like bug for sure. I still have to test it but we should be able to have it fixed mid-next week. Sorry again and thanks for helping out. Just turn off power match for now :slight_smile:

Strange definitly a bug.

Yes, I will just turn off power match for now.
Thanks and keep up the good work! :+1:

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Definitely a bug affecting Wahoo and possibly FTMS. Mid next week fix

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