Power target in auto-extended cooldown

I tried to figure it out myself in the last weeks, but I came to no conclusion.
After my workouts I’m using the auto-extended cooldown feature and the app sets a power target for that phase. What is this power taget based on?
I want to ride with 55% of FTP in this phase and to get that target, I have to increase the target sometimes by 2% or 3 %, one time I had to increase it by 12%. Today I had to decrease it by 4%.
I am confused :wink:

Wouldn’t it be better to let me set a fix value in the settings instead of auto-calculating the target?

I forgot to say: As a workaround I created a workout with a target of 55% of FTP and make a hot swap after the workout ended.

Sorry I am loosing my mind are you using power match? I can’t remember. Power match has a bug with changing %. It should always extend the last interval you had so if last interval was 55% the auto-extended interval should be 55%. If you are using beta version we now know if two bugs. One with merging workouts and targets being off and the second on is this power match changing from 100% to something else.

I would think auto-extend last interval should be good, then you can just have any workout end at 55% and it will auto-extend at 55%.

No, I’m not using power-match.

OK. My workouts end with a ramp down interval. I’ll try what happens, when it’s a static interval.

Oh yes that is the problem. It takes the target at the point in time that it auto-extends. I believe that is either 5m or 10s. If you create a 6m 55w at the end it should extend that at 55w.

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I will change this logic to take the very last second target rather than current target. That makes more sense and should be easy change.

See below it jumps up and it should extend from the lowest point (end of ramp).


That’s a good solution. Thanks :slight_smile:

Changed my workout for this morning to have it end with 1 minute @ 55%. And it worked great with auto extend @ 55% :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed a small “problem” with auto-extend, that only exists, if you increase the power-target in auto-extend. You can see on the screenshot, that every-time the app auto-extends for another 5 minutes, I have a very short power drop. My guess is, that the app sends the 100% power-target to the trainer and adjusts it immediately to the increased power-target.
Only a small glitch, but maybe you have time to look into it.!

iOS 14.2, app-version 1.6.6, Neo 1, no power-meter, no power-match


Interesting. Thanks we will look at this.