Problem with Garmin Edge Power Bar

Hi, I’m a new subscriber and need a little help.

This morning I found a workout and sent it to my Garmin calendar, when I turned on my Garmin edge 830 the workout was there. During the workout, the power bar didn’t work. Normally during a workout, a black arrow will move up and down the bar as you add or reduce power. This is only a minor thing, but it means if I keep the power in the green section, I don’t keep getting a message popping up saying “Power to high/low” etc. Is there a setting I can change to remedy this?


Thanks Paul,

I just thought, I was doing the following workout:

Trainer Day - Workout: Aerobic Threshold (1 hour)

I see on the Garmin screenshot that you sent the workout with “Exact power”. Are you controlling the trainer with the Garmin? If not, it’s better to send it with a +/- 5% range. The way it is now makes a very small band of tolerated power and you fall off the scale with only a couple watts difference.
If it’s only the messages that are bothering you, turn them off on the Garmin itself.
The sending optione are on the apps and devices page on the website.

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Thanks for your reply, I just changed the setting to +/-5% range and it works now.

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Hi there I think I understand. You can change from 3s Power like you have to 10s power or lap power. Also check on power range and z1/z2 power. These settings are in apps and devices.

Oh I did not see previous responses. Great.

@Alex thanks for your reply. It’s sorted now :+1:

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im still having this issue even when i check the "send z1 and z2 as ± 15%, and this is happening recently, after a little while without training, any clues?

I think it only works when you send as outdoor workout. Were you doing outdoor or indoor?