Refresh Button Missing (resolved 2.2.6)

The refresh button is not showing up on the Android app on the tablet. I tried logging off and back on to see if it would get fixed, but it didn’t.

Now the button is gone and none of my workouts are showing, even though the selected workout plan is shown on the device. Workout plan is empty, Favorites is empty, everything is empty.

Very strange, and sorry to hear. Are you connected to intervalsICU? Turn off WOD if you are. It sounds like a problem with a specific workout. Did you recently add a workout or a plan? Remove it. We will work on finding the issue but it will help if you can determine the source.

I did clone & save a workout before that. The workouts & plans show up fine on the android phone app, but for some reason its not working on the android tablet app.

That’s very strange ok we will research

It’s definitely something to do w/ ver 2.2.5

I uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared all storage and cache, didn’t fix the issue.

However, I installed the older ver 2.2.2 and everything works as designed. A quick check on my phone app and that one is also running 2.2.2 so I won’t try updating the app on my phone.

Hopefully you find the issue.

Same for me on a tablet. My phone app is also not working correctly but it’s failing in a different way. I can see all my workout lists and they’re populated correctly. But the plan that I have set to be in the mobile app is not correct. It’s showing workouts from a previous plan that no longer exists. I’ve tried changing the plan for the mobile app and the name changes but still has the old workouts. And the refresh button is missing on the phone as well.

Do you have any repository of older versions we can download and install?

Sorry Jim are you on Android or iOS for Android you can join beta and install older one hopefully we can have this resolved in the next day or two. For iOS I can invite you.

My developer knows the problem should be fixed tomorrow on Android and next day on iOS. Tomorrow in beta for ios

Sorry, Alex. Android on both. I was part of the beta group but I started having issues for workouts and had to leave. I’ll join up again and just disable auto updates for trainer day.

Thanks to you and your team for being so responsive to issues like this!!

I force stopped and restarted the app in my Android phone and the behavior now matches the Android tablet.

I did find a workaround until the fix is released. I sent the plan/workout to my Google calendar, clicked on the link which took me to the workout webpage, and clicked the Ride Now button. That sent the workout to the app on my phone.

However, this doesn’t appear to work on the tablet. I click the Ride Now link of the workout webpage and it pops up a message like it doesn’t realize it’s on a device with the app installed. Not a big deal once the fix is in place but just wanted to let you know about this behavior. Do you want me to open a new thread on this bug?

Yeah this issue is related to some specific workouts, so only a few users affected but was more easily fixed in the app. I did not look at play store but 2.2.6 should be available (now or the next couple of hours)

Yes good idea. Ride now from site :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex! I just updated both phone and tablet and they’re back to working as expected.

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