Request: App “sort by” for viewing My Library

Requested by kam - The website allows you to sort and view a selected library in many ways. The app appears to only show in date order. It would be great if the various sorting options could be incorporated within the app too.


Alex’s reply
Kam I thought about that. It’s interesting. I would like this too. Do you feel like all are necessary or is their one in particular you would like? Just currious. Maybe if we just change the sort order to name based then people could name them so they would sort like they want? 01_fast, 02_slow…. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kam’s reply
Hi Alex.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. The ones I would be most interested in would be by TSS or if it were possible by intensity. But that is just my personal preferences.

Kind regards


Ian added this to the site. I am moving here

When searching workouts on the website when clicking any of the categories to sort its always smallest to largest, it would be handy to be able to click the category button again to get the reverse sort largest to smallest.

For example:
I search by duration for any work outs between 20min and 40mins (139 pages worth!) I then click sort by duration and I get all the workouts from 20mins and upwards
It would be handy to be able to get the reverse sort of the all the workouts from 40mins and down (largest to smallest).