Request: Directly edit copied training plans

Requested by arnold-c
Hi Alex. It might be possible already and I haven’t figured it out, but from what I can tell, when you copy a training plan to your library, the workouts are linked to the original workouts made by the plan’s creator. This seems to mean that you have to copy each workout individually if you want to edit it, and then replace the original in your training plan with your adapted version. Would it be possible for TrainerDay to create a personal copy in your library of the plan and the workouts instead, so users can directly edit the workouts listed in their version of the plan, rather than manually copying each workout, editing, and then replacing? Thanks


Alex’s reply:
Wow Arnold, you are on top of it. I always create my own plans and edit them so I never thought about this. Great idea. Again, this makes a great paid feature… “Convert all Plan Workouts to My Own” or something like this.

I realize I had previously thought about this from a different angle, which is I would like to create a plan with a bunch of workouts that are not mine. (Not only when cloning but when creating a new plan) but then I want to edit them. So this feature would allow taking any workout and converting to mine after the plan is created.