Request: Make Kickr Climb to increase incline as power increases

Shared by Alex
Simulate outdoor elevation.


3Bidons’ reply:
I would love this feature! The Climb really helps me with the novelty factor. I am able to stay on the trainer longer – and at higher quality of effort – when the bike has a little motion to it. At first blush it seems silly, though every self-coaching book I’ve cracked preaches novelty as a prime factor in training motivation.

Alex’s reply:
I am friends with a top pro-coach and he is is against indoor trainers for long sessions, mostly because of the rigidity of the bike and lack of variation in movement. I think the climb would help ease some of that, so I understand that it can even have health benefits.

Dbasaia’s reply:
I’m new to Trainer Day and to my Kickr Climb, but an interface would be awesome. I don’t think it is as easy as “110% FTP effort = xx% grade” since sometimes we need to be spinning those hard efforts on the flats.

Alex’s reply:
Wow, I have two interests here already. That’s interesting. Yes, DBSAIA, it’s interesting to think what the right approach would be. One for example would be to just add an incline field in our editor. Taking it to the next level would be to upload a GPX file and it converts it into a fairly simple structured workout based on what you did but you could change it it our editor but and import the incline % also. This is pretty big task but would be cool feature.