Request: Spindown - 10 Votes in original post

Requested by DHRestrepo - It would be nice i we could calibrate the trainers within the app.


Alex’s reply:
I will think about this one. I don’t know much about this spin down process. I do know one other user requested it as well.

Bran Lan’s reply:
+1 to this, kind of annoying having to pair to the Wahoo app to do a spindown, then switch back to TrainerDay.

Alex’s reply:
I understand Bran, we will add this, right now we are busy getting it so more people can use the app (for example Ant+ users) but we definitely want to do this just might take a little while. Sorry about that. We are small and trying to keep the costs down so we can have the lowest price app, so things go a bit slower.

Luckily, I have a Neo 2T :sunglasses:

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Me too, and a Wahoo, and a Tacx flux, and a … and a … all for testing.

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I got my wife a Flux first, but I returned that poc and got her a Neo too…

I can fully relate, different world.