Slowing Timer During workout

Lately when I use a workout that is around 60 minutes long, the timer starts to slow, when I get to around 45 minutes. i.e. 1 minute of riding takes 2 minutes. It looks like the timer is running in slow motion. I am using an ipad mini4 v 15.7.8.
Any ideas?

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We are beta testing a new version that we are 90% sure will solve this issue. iPad mini seems to be the one with the most issues related to this problem but not only the mini. We have a few threads on this. This fix should be released next week. Very few people have this problem on faster phones/devices and we have about 20 device on our team and can’t duplicate this at all even on a mini. But it is definitely related to device performance some how.

I’m having the same issue, iPhone XR

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Sorry to hear, should be fixed soon. It’s a pretty major change for us. It’s working but now has some crashing bugs we need to fix before we can release it.

iPhone 13 doing the same thing. I thought I was just having a bad day doing ‘an hour of power’ the 60 mins was the longest 60 mins ever, literally.
The timer was running 3:1. 20 secs was actually 1 min.

Turn on power smoothing it will fix this. We are working on a few better fixes. One should be out on Monday.

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Is the planned fix for the slow timer on older apple devices, in my case an iPad Pro v1, in the TrainerDay app 3.9.0 version (2023Sep05) ? Just forced an app update after finding this forum thread. Hopefully today’s workout will be the last one that drags on. It was no big issue with lots of base rides, but became an issue today doing harder intervals.

Are you having problems with timers in version 3.9.0?

Turn it all the way up ?

Just trying 3.9.0. I hope this build will fix the timer problem

It should be fixed in 3.9.0, and you can always add smoothing and that seems to fix it as well.