Suggestions to test direct drive trainer

Hello! I have finally got my direct drive turned in and the bike is mounted. What’s the easiest way to test to make sure everything is working?

Is it just a case of going to 'quick start" and upping the watts?

Thanks! Sorry for the basic questions I’m very new to this!

Congratulations. Yes that’s fine, do a ramp test some time to get you ftp as well.

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Awesome I saw those ramp tests. Will they just tell me my new ftp afterwards? Then I can set that in the settings?

It will automatically update the settings for you. One thing to make sure is if you are a strong rider, meaning you have been riding regularly for a while, you might want to set your initial FTP to 200 or the ramp test will be too easy.

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Amazing! Thanks I’m pretty new to this so I’ll probably set it to like 100 and see what happens!

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