Trainer reacting spongy


yesterday and today I had a very strange issue.
I was starting my workout and the first interval was working fine. Then the second interval started and the trainer started to act weird. It changed the resistance according to the goal but it also went very low when I had met the wattage. Then again goes up for the required wattage and drops again. This is not like a normal slope, but the resistance changes drastically, from about 160W to less than.10pW and back to 160W.

Closing the app and restarting the trainer didn’t fix the problem. I had to restart my Tablet to make it work again.

One similarity I had yesterday was that I started pedaling before I selected my workout and the warmup started in the background. When I selected the workout I pressed the button to reject the warmup and not to merge the selected workout with the warmup. Could this be an issue?

After the tablet restart I didnt pedal, selected the workout and the trainer reacted normally.

Maybe I can trigger the issue again and record a screen video of the issue the next time it happens.


I have heard of something similar before (usually more like ±10w not huge changes), a couple of times a year someone says something like this but we have never been able to duplicate it or have any idea what it could be. Please let me know if you can. Also strange it should not auto start unless you are on the workout screen we will check this.

For me it was similar with the undulations when I connected the trainer via ANT+. You write that you have a tablet so I guess you have a connection via BLE

So today it happened again

The first interval was working fine and thennthe second one was very spongy. I made a screen video of the issue. Hope this might help @Alex

Thanks for the video. It’s really strange, I can’t imagine what this is. Please let me know if you figure out how to make it repeatable.

Can’t tell for sure what has to be done to reproduce the error.

I leave the tablet on, do other stuff and then start trainerday. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes I have to restart the tablet because the second interval gets spongy