TrainerDay outdoor app?

So I am not a person that tries to follow outdoor structured workouts. Maybe I just have in my head I will have a few intervals I want to do but nothing more than that. I know many people like following more “full structured training” outdoors. Not sure if any of you are one “those people” :slight_smile:

Anyway, rumor has it that some cyclists are starting to get over the stigma of riding outdoors with their phone. I think we could actually do a small amount of work and make our app better than a Garmin or Wahoo for outdoor structured workouts (just the structured part not the rest… no maps no… )

A user would likely still use their Garmin/Wahoo for tracking (possibly). We could better support features like open-ended intervals, cadence targets and free-ride than it currently works on these devices. Not to mention a more clear view into what is going on.

My question is does anyone here see a need for this? I am partially thinking about this related to support TrainingPeaks workout of the day, so a coach could prescribe a workout and you see in the app and it would be easier to follow then on a training device.

Just currious anythouts here.

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I do some structured outdoors workouts, but no to much, in a year maybe around 20 maximum, and in my opinion is a lot of products tot do that, in my opinion don´t spend time on this

Can you tell me what other apps? I don’t know of any. Meaning TrainerRoad has TP Workout of the day and shows structured workouts with a big library. I am sure they don’t record your GPS data or show you speed for outdoor (or I don’t think they do). Who else? Generally most performance riders don’t want a phone on their bike, but do think their is a market for this, maybe more so for TrainingPeaks coached athletes that want to follow “the plan.”

Generally, I know you might be right and I never thought of it until recently :slight_smile: I don’t think it is much work for us but it might turn into bigger, I realize. I am just exploring ideas now. Part of what gave me the idea is another app is going to integrate with us for outdoor structured workouts.

I absolutely follow structured workouts outdoors. I just push from TrainerDay to TrainingPeaks which connects with my Garmin (could also just push to GC I suppose).

I’m not sure how many people use their phones for structured workouts outdoors, though. Anyone I know that follows structured outdoors either uses a stopwatch and a written workout plan (on the top tube) or a GPS device (Wahoo, Garmin, Lezyne). I know there are phone holders out there to put on the handlebars, just never really seen it…

I only do hill repeats, and long 20minute type intervals outside, where i just use the lap button. I never used TR outside function, and don’t think it is necessary for this app.

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Jeremy yes yours is the “standard approach” or as Cabbage suggests, hill repeats is a perfect approach from my perspective.

I just know Garmin / Wahoo have problems regarding structured workouts. Garmin does not support the idea of “Free-Ride” for example. The idea of open-ended intervals is something most people don’t know about or use. Garmin needs watts not % so when your FTP changes you need new workouts… A bigger screen and a company focused on continuing to improve the outdoor experince could evolve to something better (although I don’t like the idea of phone on bars either, other than for indoor). Garmin basically does not seem to care much about a device after they sell it. They are not drastically improving their structured training experience.

I also hear there is a trend towards moving to apps for training but since their are no good ones I know of I don’t know how this is possible.

Jeremy you are the perfect candidate for this, meaning guys training with a Garmin, if they could get over the idea of having some big phone on their bars could have a better solution for outdoor structure training. The Garmin might be there too, but the app for driving the workout. Right now we might be ahead of our time on this. :slight_smile: That new Karoo Hammerhead has promise in this regard.

So it could be virtual power based for an audience that does not have a power meter. Just GPS and weight and elevation changes (and wind ideally) could give a fairly accurate power.

I should say I am not trying to convince anyone of anything here :slight_smile: This is very possibly some features that most people don’t need and for sure this audience. I just wanted to talk about it and see if it resonated with anyone.