TrainingPeaks "range" intervals and slope mode for 20-minute FTP test

I’m using the mobile app to import and run my WOD from Trainingpeaks. Intervals in TP can either be a target or a range. If the interval is set to a range, what will the mobile app do if it is in ERG mode?

Specifically, I have a workout (FTP test) that I want to be a set of target intervals (controlled with ERG mode) to start with for warmup, and then be able to pedal at whatever power I can muster for the 20 min FTP test. My thought was to set the FTP interval to a range, and make it go from 20% to something like 300% of my current FTP.

Will this approach work, or do I need to duplicate this workout inside of TrainerDay and use one of its integrated features?

Hi, I am not sure why you would set intervals to a range for ERG mode. You just need a bunch of 1-minute intervals that increase to about 180% of FTP typically people make it to 150% before failure.

Here is our ramp test, you can for example just push this workout to TP and use it as your workout (TEST).

We have a special feature that if it has “Ramp Test” in the name it will automatically calculate your FTP at the end, taking the last 1-minute average and multiplying by .75 and it will automatically switch to cool down when you can’t pedal any more.

I hope this helps. If I did not understand the question let me know.

Thanks for the reply Alex. TLDR, this is supposed to be a 20 minute FTP test, at whatever power I can maintain, vs a ramp test in ERG mode. When I did this two years ago on Zwift, that 20 minute section was a free-ride. Trying to figure out how accomplish the same thing in Trainerday.

Oh I see :slight_smile: Yes we have automated slope mode that you can do exactly the same thing but there is no way to do this from TrainingPeaks. I will provide more info later.

So I realized you can use a TrainingPeaks workout but you would need to right before your 20 minute test click the ERG checkbox in our app to go to slope mode or resistance mode (depending on settings), and adjust the slope or restistance to the right amount for the test.

Secondly you can have it automatically switch to slope mode by creating the workout in your TrainerDay library and setting the setting in our app to slope mode. The workout would look like this.

I switched to slope mode 1 minute before the start of the test so you can get the gearing right

You can see it here and clone and modify it as you like.

Thanks Alex. This gives me a couple of options to consider. Test is on the calendar for tomorrow, so I’ll play with this tonight after my regularly scheduled session.

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