West Highland Way

Ok guys, myself and my brother are wanting to put together a training plan to do the West Highland Way which is 96 miles off-road with some hike a bike. We’re looking to do it over 2 days so will be long days in the saddle (6-8hrs a day).

Would you set the target event as multiday or simply select 8+ hrs as duration? Any other tips in terms of what inputs in the questions screen might do in terms of the plan that’s produced?

I’m no expert, but I put ‘long-hours’ in ‘goal’ and ‘multi day’ for ‘event’ and it generated a plan that goes from Base++ to Progressive Sweet Spot to Big Days which looks specific to your goals to my untrained eyes.

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Yes I agree with this unless your off-road really has climbs then I would do big climbs on the last peak period. 8+ is fine option.

It is off-road @Alex :roll_eyes:

And a lot of hike a bike

My main coach is on vacation right now let me ask him to confirm. Yeah you should include a lot of hike a bike in your training too. My main coach suggests doing a simulation race before your main race that has similar characteristics. Say like a month before your main race. Even if just a group ride simulation.

Thanks Alex. Luckily it’s not a race - doing it for charity but the aim is still to complete it in 2 days so I guess we’re against the clock.

Yes it’s a race :slight_smile: I call all events a race as you are trying to do the best you can. But sounds very nice.

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