When using your app, how can I mark a workout as completed if I do it outside?

I am sure this as already been asked but I couldn’t find the answer by myself.

How is the new « current workout » feature working ?

For example on the following plan I did the first workout outside (yesterday) and then moved directly toward the second today. Now the current workout should be workout number 3. Yet I couldn’t find a way to ajust it nor did it ajust automatically when I completed workout number 2.

Thank you in advance for your help.


That is an excellent question and you are the first to ask it. Right now it only progresses if you do it in our app. Let me understand your situation to see what we can do. I assume you are saying you look at our app outdoors to see your next workout, but you don’t actually track your outdoor workout in our app.

Another way is you could use intervals.icu and then your workout would progress automatically in our app but that would require following a calendar.

Also if you do some indoor using our app, for example #4 next time it will show #5 as current. I know it is not perfect but if you do most indoor it might be acceptable. I do want to improve this soon once you confirm how you use it.

On Saturday I did a workout outside that I consider to be equivalent to workout #1. I did not track it on the Trainer Day app.
Then on Sunday I did workout #2 indoor using the Trainder Day app.
Yet, i am still “stuck” at workout #1 in the app.

I would rather not use intervals.icu in order to reduce the number of data hubs (everything centralized on the Trainer Day app).

In my case, I guess that what is missing is just a “workout completed” box to tick manually (or automatically if done through the app).

I hope it is clearer now.

Almost one year ago, we had the same request for a check-box to mark a workout in a plan as done: Pre-select or automatically scroll to next workout from active plan - #4 by Alex

+1 on this request.
Being to tick boxes for “completed” or “skipped” would be nice.

Your memory is better than mine and I thought this was solved as we do it automatically if you do the workout in the app.

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I changed the title of this and focusing this on a feature request to be able to check off outdoor workouts or workouts performed in other apps for example but still use our simple sequence based planning method as compared to using a calendar. I agree that “completed or skipped” would be nice options to track for the future even if we don’t show “compliance” at this time. If nothing else it feels wrong to click “completed” if I really decided to skip it. :slight_smile:

So we are working on a fix for this. For anyone following a training plan in our app they will be able to check it off as completed or skipped if they do it outside. This should be done in the next week or so.

The bug fix for this is out tomorrow (meaning you can skip workouts and it will go to the next one after you do a new training in our app). But adding this ability to check off an outdoor ride will take a little longer. But at least you won’t keep seeing the same current workout soon :slight_smile:

Very nice. Thank you Alex :slightly_smiling_face:

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