Working on design for improved "My Plans"

So rather than just having your personal plans in a drop down on the “My Plans” page we will create a dedicated page. Also “Create Plans” will have a dedicated menu item to make it more intutive.

Generally we want to simplify and improve the My Plans experience at this time, but might also add a few small beneficial features. We will remove the need to select the days when creating the plan, this was just a bad idea.

You can also see our new left side menu that will be out in the next couple days.


very good upgrade in layout :top::top:

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Looking good :slight_smile: It would also be great, if the site would remember the last plan I was working on instead of presenting always the first plan in my list.
Or at least it should be the current app-plan.

That is so funny. My developers were working on this yesterday and I told them the same thing!!!

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If you look at the above design though this drop down would no longer exist. It would be more like a search result list but I guess it could sort by default to last edited, or current plan could always be at the top.

You’re right. Sort from new to old would solve one problem. And if the current app-plan is always on the top, it would solve the second one.

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