Workout Dates instead of Day

Hi, I don’t know if there is a way to toggle this option, but I would like if there is an option after creating a coach Jack plan that it displays the workout “date” n the website and app instead of the current (example “Day 4”). Sometimes you fall behind, but you would like to see where you should have been now, and it’s easier to track with a date linked to a workout instead of just the “Day of Workout Count”. I’m also not the biggest fan of linking it to my calendar, thus the request to link dates to the workouts.

Kind regards,

Ok, I understand. Let me think on and research both of these points.

Sorry on vacation so I am a little slow. So you must be using a plan from “my plans.” In this case there is no date associated with the plan, it’s just a sequence of workouts. If you want to see dates in our app, you should use our calendar. So you can push your plan from my plans to the calendar. See below how it looks then.

See how it should look in your calendar on the website.