Workout search ideas (Please add more sort directions)

Here are a couple of ideas for the workout search page:

Search option should include the workout type eg, threshold, vo2, endurance etc.

Sort by should be up or down: eg, intensity from highest to lowest as well as the other way round.

Almost all of it is already there (see screenshot). The only thing missing is the possibility to invert the sorting (it‘s always low to high).

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Yes and even more accurate is if you put the word zone in front


But yes we could add more sort options but if you are looking for something specific just put intensity between a range and scroll down but yes we could add the other sort direction, we can turn this into a requestion for more sort otptions/directions

What do I do if I’m looking for a endurance or tempo ride?

What do you mean? Just type Endurance or Tempo


New to this, so it might already been adressed: there is now thousands of workouts and therefore a jungel when looking for «good» workouts. «Popularity» does not necessesarily say much - how about a rating (1-5?) so that workouts(and plans?) which «are good» are easier to find?

That’s a good point. I noticed that a lot of “popular” workouts aren’t necessarily very “good” workouts, at least in my opinion

I am in complete agreement with that.