Zone 2 HR feature (HR not going down)


just seen the new feature for Zone 2 workouts based on HR.

I have tried it, I think it was working but not 100% sure (limit I had set was 121 bpm, some times it was going up to 127-128 bpm and I don’t know if what was bringing HR down was a lowering resistence from the trainer or just me slowing down)

Just to make sure that it works, do I have to pair my indoor trainer (wahoo kickr core or elito direto xr) as controllable smart trainer to the app via bluetooth, right?

If I do this, can I still pair the same indoor trainer to another platform (I use Zwift and Indievelo while doing TD workouts) through ant+ while using TDapp via smartphone on bluetooth?

When doing so, should I avoid pairing the trainer
as controllable smart trainer to the platform and just connect it as power source, in order to avoid that the platform takes control of erg mode and possibly make me Iose HR Zone 2 control by Trainerday?

Does the order in which connections are made matter?


Yes you do.

yes you can. pair as power meter and not as controllable.

it does not

A few people are having problems with it over shooting their HR targets. For now I would say lower your target and see if it solves the problem. It seems to work for most people but we need to improve our algorthm some how to handle these cases. If you don’t mind sharing a screenshot during training that helps. App4g’s answers are correct :slight_smile:

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Tried again, everything configured as told and correctly, still not going down to target.
Also tried to lower the target, no change
Screenshot attached
Let me know

The thing is you are starting the workout at over 120 HR. This is very strange situation that someone would start a HR workout like this with a higher HR than their target. It seems that just walking and getting on the bike are raising you too much? Or did you do something else first?

It looks like it is starting to drop towards the end but since you are starting at 120+ it might take a very long time to get it to 118.

I am a bit confused here. But if getting on the bike is causing 120+ then 120 is a more complex goal. Once I understand your situation I can help get what you want. Options are lowering your FTP. Practicing taking it very easy before getting on the bike and making sure it starts at 110 or lower. Deep breathing can help. Please provide more details and I will help you. Myabe you told me already and I don’t remember.

No, I was not starting over 120, the screenshot only takes the part after minute 10 as you see (you see below HR trace 10-11-12…these are the minutes).
Your app does not show the HR in the recap but I can post it from Strava. i started well below 100 and the average for the whole ride was 116.
I can post here the full HR trace from Strava to confirm if you need it. I took the screenshot when It was way higher than target but did not notice It was only for a part of the ride

Oh I see, yes I missed that. You are zoomed in. See the dots on the top right of chart? You can click the chart and zoom out and see the whole thing.

Yeah but can’t do that on the screenshot…I.should have done it before taking it

Send me strava, that will help. We are adding HR to our activities in app and web but it’s not there now so harder to look at.

I’ll send you the fit file. Can I DM It to you?

Sure Not sure you can do it here.

Will do it now. Thanks a lot, this idea Is great btw

Yes we want to make sure it works for everyone. I am sure we can fix it for you. I just need to understand the problem.

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Thanks! Fit file sent

I responded. We need to research this. It’s strange for sure but seems like everything is correct except the target power. Question are you use external power meter or can you tell me all your devices? I can plug your data into our code and see if it does the same thing.

To avoid the risk that trainer could take control of ERG from Indievelo, Trainerday was connected to my Elite Direto XR trainer as controllable smart trainer and you can see Power trace in your app (I think you can access that or do you need me to send you also that file? ) The power you see in the fit file I sent you was sent from Favero Assioma pedals to Indievelo (pedals paired as power source only, not controlling ERG on Indievelo). Basically, I use Indievelo just to have a less boring ride but ERG is controlled by Trainerday (connection as smart trainer through Bluetooth, from smartphone app)

Oh I see, yes that should not affect anything. Send me the link from our website to your activity file. That will help make 100% sure I am looking at apples to apples. You could also download TCX from our website and email it to me just to make it easier.

I have just sent you the fit file downloaded from your website
Let me know if it’s enough

This is different but not enough to matter. Was your target 118 the entire time?

It was 121 (or 123, I don’t remember) at the beginning, then I tried to lower it a bit as it was suggested in a previous message here. Well before 10 minutes I was already at 118 and then it remained there