Can I create an Annual Training Plan with Coach Jack and can you explain the plan types?

Does Coach Jack make a full Annual Training Plan(Base 1/2/3 Build 1/2 and Peak)? Or just one phase at the moment? And what’s the differences between The Serious Italian, Polarized, and etc? Are all the plan types based on 80/20 Polarized approach? If they are, what’s the difference between all of the plan type? I have Trainer Day accout(not premium yet) so i can’t check the definition for the Plan Type. Thanks before.

Good questions. Right now it is just a single phase (block), but we are working on mulitiple blocks right now. We are not doing Annual Training Plan yet but multiple blocks could solve close to the same problem. We will do ATP later. We are going to keep our blocks simple at first which is just base, build, peak and event (race) blocks not differentiate between 1/2/3…

All our plans put a strong enphasis on recovery but they are not all Polarized. I am (and Coach Jack is) a strong believer in the idea behind Polarized meaning get enough recovery and more easy rides. Dr Seiler the creator of Polarized coaches his daughter who is a runner and she says she does Polarized, 2 hard days followed by 3 easy days :slight_smile: This is obviously not the classic 80/20 rule.

Our belief is 80/20 or Polarized is just a super simple way to get enough recovery. But also building the right recovery days and days off into your

  1. week (3 hard days a week maximum), 2 hard-ish days in a row max
  2. adding a recovery week after 3 hard weeks
  3. Year (taking some time for base or a little time off)

These three recover time proven strategy for proper recovery and give about the same amount of recovery as 80/20 every week 52 weeks a year.

The different plan types just represent different workout types. Italian is SFR (low RPM strength endurance), crunched is HIIT, Sweet spot, VO2 max, … and so on. Polarized is VO2max, Z2, and optional long and recovery.

Again good question. I should create a detailed video with this information. ~alex

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Thank you for a detailed explanation Alex. Your(or Coach Jack) approach is the main reason i am here. About POL thing, yes i know even Dr. Seiler doesn’t always strictly implement the 80/20 rule on certain phases. And i just finished reading The Cyclist’s Training Bible by Joe Friel. With winter is coming, i’m planning to use the Coach Jack Plan builder for the 12-week Base. And because at Monday and Thursday i do weight lifting, maybe the “Base” or “Polarized” plan types more suits me than “Italian” because i already train at the gym for the strength?

I’m sorry for asking before digging any onther information. After reading other threads, just use Base or base+ for the base block. Form build and peak block you can choose italian, or the other plan types that suit you the most, based on studies obviously. Waiting for the explanation video about Coach Jack. Thanks Alex

Yes and now you can design your own custom plan type. For example if you wanted 3 different types of sweet sport progressions you could pick your own. Generally you want 3 varied workout progressions per week that target different muscular or cardiovascular benefits. This is why Italian is so good because the combination of these 3 workout progressions produces great results. SFR, Threshold Progression and Long Ride. SFR is like a secret weapon that people don’t realize how powerful it is becuase it targets muscles differently than other workouts.

Read here about SFR