Combine Workouts


is there a possibility to combine workouts?
For example.I want to follow my plan but also add a recovery ride directly after it.

I know I can select the recovery ride afterwards but it would save a few clicks and some time.

Merry Christmas everyone

Iā€™m using the auto-extent feature of the app and just set the intensity to 50 or 55 % of my FTP when I have the need to pedal a bit longer after the workout.

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As he said we have auto extend and a merge workouts feature to select second workout before the first one ends. Something different?

Hi Alex.

So just when the workout is going, select another and I will get a message to merge them? This is great. Thanks

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Yes exactly :slight_smile:

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And you might want to turn on auto-extend to keep from accidentally ending the first one.

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