Import activities from TD app to Garmin Connect

I would like to see my TD activites in Garmin Connect

I wonder why you can push a workout to Garmin so I can execute it (presumably using a Garmin device, like an Edge), but not the details of a workout executed in your app.

Does Garmin charge for that privilege? I believe TR has the option…

If I understand what you are saying is you want to see the steps in garmin connect. If you change your target to 1sec power rather than 3sec and go from the calendar in GC and click on the workout you can see the details. Garmin has bugs they don’t want to fix. I don’t know if TR has something else.

I understand the arguments but people have different reasons for wanting it and even though from a performance stand point it does not matter I have accepted that I think it is reasonable request and helps a lot of people “feel better” :smile:

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No, I just see that you can push workouts to Garmin Connect. I wouldn’t do that anyway, but at least you can. How my Edge would instruct me, is another matter - I can also use it to control my trainer, but then what’s the point of the TD app?

But, as I understand it, you cannot run a workout in the TD app and then have that pushed to GC.

Just wondering why you can do the one, but not the other.

Oh yes we can do that, it just takes development and we need to ask them to extend our permissions but I am sure they would. You can create a feature request for that if it is something you want :smile: Others have talked about it but no one has actually created the request.

Okay, so you wouldn’t have to pay for that, just kindly ask them? It’s just that most platforms cannot or will not push to GC. For instance, you can push from Garmin to Strava, but not the other way around.

So, I wonder why direct upload from any of those services (apps, devices) is not available.

Even their own Tacx app cannot upload directly to Garmin, but it can to Strava.

I will ask them if there is any problem. If they push to a platform they might not want that platform to push to them.

I think it is all about development priorities. You can always use Tapiik or FitnessSyncer to do it (I think)

Which I why I asked - I wouldn’t be surprised if TR has some kind of arrangement with them. Now that I think of it: doesn’t Zwift also upload to GC directly? Can’t remember, but I do know they always mess with the time zones on Garmin.

No. You can get your workouts from Garmin and push them to another service (other than Strava, which is included) through Tapiriik, but you cannot push anything to Garmin.

Oh I see they cut off Tapiriik at some point. Now I see why, if they allow you importing workouts from other systems then you don’t need to buy their hardware. GC is a benefit to Garmin owners. You can read a bit more down here.

I don’t like this strategy but I understand it now. So looks like not likely to happen. Maybe TrainerRoad did pay if they support it.

My point exactly :sunglasses:

But that they have yet to enable direct upload from their own trainer platform Tacx, is pathetic.

Requires development, Garmin does not put the same priories on things that it’s customers do… :slight_smile:

Garmin never does, but this is not like developing a new app, it’s not rocket science.

I think you’d do well to keep interacting with Garmin to a minimum. Every time they do something, anything may break.

If I’m understanding this thread correctly, I thought I would point out that TrainerRoad staff manually creates the workouts inside of Garmin Connect (at least they used to). When they first launched outside workouts, it was great with Wahoo, but took a little bit of time for Garmin because they were manually re-creating popular workouts inside of GC .

Actually we are talking about rider activities not planned workouts, the same as what is sent to Strava.

Thanks – my apologies for misunderstanding what the thread was referring to